Jun 10, 2019

Amanda + Shayne | Running Mare Wedding

You guys, I’ve honestly smiled the whole time I’ve been putting together Amanda and Shayne’s Running Mare Wedding blog post!  Not only do I just adore Amanda and Shayne, but they (and their friends/family) know how to have a good time!  SUCH a fun day, and while it may have been a little rainy initially, by the time the ceremony rolled around, the rain stopped and it was time to party!  

Amanda and Shayne, THANK YOU for having me be a part of your wedding day! Since we had our first meeting and we talked football, I knew we’d be fast friends. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to capture these images from your gorgeous day and hope they bring you lots of laughter and smiles for years to come!  Also, Go Cowboys! 😉  Michelle 🙂

Let’s get to the good stuff NOW! 

Happy Monday, friends! 

M xo

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