May 21, 2019

Kelly + Justin | Humpback Rocks Engagement

We were walking down the mountain after Kelly and Justin’s Humpback Rock Engagement session when I asked her how they met. “I slid into his DM’s,” she laughed. Kelly went on to tell me about their meeting at a local gym and a connection made over the Guardian of the Galaxy movies, and she smiled the whole time. We were hiking down a mountain at the time, so that says a whole lot! :). But truly. You cannot be around Kelly and Justin without knowing they were meant for each other. The genuine respect and care they show for each other in all the little (and big) ways is a testament to their commitment and love. …We’ll ignore the fact Kelly called Justin a “pansy” when he hesitated about stepping onto a rocky ledge…

But enough about all that! lol! Let’s get to the goooooood stuff! Enjoy!

Happy Tuesday, friends! 

M xo

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