Apr 12, 2019

Stacy + Josh | Washington DC Engagement Session

My conversations with Stacy began last summer, and I’ve been looking forward to this Washington DC Engagement Session ever since!  Sometimes when you speak with someone, you can sense her kindness and warmth, and that was how I felt talking with Stacy!

When she suggested the Jefferson Memorial and the cherry blossoms as a backdrop, I did a little happy dance!  I may live in Richmond, Virginia, but I still ADORE iconic Washington DC shoots.  And let me tell ya, this session did not disappoint. We may have been up before the dawn, but it was worth it.  Every dark moment I was fighting for a parking space?? Totally worth it! 🙂

I love taking time to get to know couples and learn a little bit about their love story during our time together.  It was amazing to learn that Stacy and Josh had known each other since they were small children.  They shared their family’s history and the relationships that brought them together.  Not only are their parents the dearest of friends, but their grandparents actually immigrated to this country at the same time!  Just WOW.  We all have a story to tell, but this one is clearly unique and something to truly celebrate!

Take a quick look at our time together in DC.  I couldn’t get enough of Stacy and Josh, and I think you’ll quickly see why!


Happy Friday, friends!
M xo

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