May 21, 2018

Christina + Travis | Engaged

When Christina texted me to ask if I’d mind coming down to the river and doing her engagement session on her father’s sailboat….and then sail over to an oceanfront restaurant for dinner after, I may have (absolutely, 100% did) done a happy dance! OF COURSE I’D DO THAT!  Our engagement session was scheduled for just TWO days before the wedding since Christina and Travis live in Winston-Salem and scheduling can sometimes be tricky.  They had done prep for the wedding prior to the session, and the reception tent had to be moved after it was placed in the wrong spot.  Soooooo, we started super late and the sun was already almost set by the time we got the boat moving… and yet, the images are STUNNING!  We literally worked in about 15-20 minutes and I love how these photos show the calm, kind, loving nature of these two!

Enjoy a handful of my favorites from Christina and Travis’s sailboat engagement session!

Happy Monday, friends!

M xo

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