May 17, 2018

Abeer + Josh | Married

Abeer and Josh’s Fairview Farm wedding is such a FUN wedding to post! These two are so true to themselves and their relationship, and it was a breath of fresh air to spend the day with them and their very best friends and family! From Abeer’s floral gown, to Josh’s ability to tend to every wedding day need of his wife-to-be… it was all perfect.

Josh and Abeer, since we first met, you have been warm and kind and SO in love! It’s truly been a joy to be around you, and I have no doubt that the future holds amazing things for you both!  Your BFF’s will help see to that, I’m sure! 🙂  All the best always, Michelle!

Now, here’s all the pretty florals and gold and sparkles and so much GOODNESS!  Enjoy!
Happy Thursday, friends!

M xo

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