Sep 26, 2017

A. Smith Bowman Whiskey Distillery Wedding: Erica + Tim

From the moment Erica and I chatted on the phone and she told me that she and Tim were planning a A. Smith Bowman Whiskey Distillery Wedding, I knew this wedding was going to be fun!  How can a wedding surrounding by barrels of whiskey NOT be fun, right!?!  What I didn’t know at the time, but soon found out, was that Erica and Tim were some of the best human beings you can know.  Every single interaction with them was easy.  They were kind and appreciative and FUNNY.  And I could tell right away, that while their wedding day was important to them, it was no way NEAR as important as the love they shared and the marriage they planned to create.  And THAT is my most favorite thing about this wedding day, by far! ….not to mention the WHISKY, nod to Irish heritage, all things vintage, and Erica’s love for octopus details.

Erica and Tim, THANK YOU.  Your kindness and genuine concern for others shines bright, and you were so fun to get to know.  I am confident your life together will be full of fun and laughter. I hope you enjoy your Ireland honeymoon and that you love these images for years to come!  Much love, Michelle. 🙂

Now, on to all the pretty things….

  Happy Tuesday, friends!

M xoxo

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