Sep 12, 2017

Consider A Little Black Book Boudoir Session: Tuesday Tip

Ok, friends!  I KNOW I’ve been MIA for the last couple of weeks, and I’m SOOO sorry!  Getting my three little guys ready to go back to school and trying to soak in the last week of summer was no joke!  But I’m back (holla!), and this topic is one I hold near and dear to my heart.  We are talking BOUDOIR sessions!

Some of you may be asking WHAT IS A BOUDOIR SESSION?  Well, I’m gonna’ tell ya right here! A boudoir session is a photo session during which you’d wear lingerie, nightshirts, bra and panty sets, or really anything that makes you feel sexy!  No, it does not require you to be completely nude AND you get to choose your outfits, so you will only be showing the part of you that YOU want to show.  It’s a time for you to get pampered and create some images of yourself. Boudoir sessions are meant to be fun and empowering, and I assure you that you won’t regret booking one for yourself!

I can hear some of you saying, “well, I didn’t even know she DID that type of session”, but YES, I do, and I LOVE them!  Several years ago, my friend and past bride Liza, asked me to make an album for her groom of her own boudoir session (that I did not photograph myself). She wanted a little book to give her groom on his wedding day…maybe a little something for him to look forward to for later on in the evening, right!??  Well, it was tasteful and flippin’ adorable, and her now husband, Alex, LOVED it.  I knew then that it was something I’d want to consider adding into my wedding collections.  Honestly, until then I had not considered boudoir photography as something that fit into my wedding photography brand, but looking back, I realize I was CRAZY. Of course it does!  These are beautiful, sweet, sensual images to surprise your partner with on your wedding day… and hear me loud and clear when I say this is NOT just for the groom. It’s also for you.  Everything–each moment, each nuance, each detail of your wedding planning and wedding day is valuable, and this little black book tells a story of it’s own.  They truly are so sweet!

I encourage you to consider a boudoir session and an accompanying little black book to gift your groom with on your wedding day! I promise it’s a gift he won’t easily forget.  Have a look at a few images from some of the sessions I’ve done along the way!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

M xoxo

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