Aug 15, 2017

Groom’s Details-What To Bring and How To Prepare: Tuesday Tip

Hey there, party people!  We are talking GROOM’s details today, and I’m REALLY excited for this one!  I feel like the groom’s details often take a back seat to the bride’s, so I’m thrilled to be highlighting them today!  I’ve had SOOOO many grooms decide they don’t want their details photographed on the day of the wedding, often citing them as “unimportant” and “nothing fancy” or photo-worthy.  I’m here to dispel that myth today!

While it is sometimes true that there aren’t AS many details to photograph with the groom, ya’ gotta remember… we are still talking QUALITY-not quantity.  So no matter what details are there, I assure you they are just as important as the bride’s and COMPLETELY photo-worthy!  You hear me preachin’ about YOUR LOVE STORY all the time, I know, and the groom’s details are still part of that, so don’t leave ’em out!

For all of you wondering WHAT IN THE WORLD would the groom have that we’d want to photograph, I’ve put together a list below!

Recommended Details:

-suit (pants, jacket, vest, etc.)


-the gift for the bride






-pocket square

-boutonniere (groom and groomsmen)

-family heirlooms



Similar to the preparation mentioned in the bridal details post here, it’s a HUGE time-saver to have all of these items gathered and ready for your photographer when she arrives.  Aside from saving time, it also allows the groom to spend more time hangin’ with the fellas and less time answering questions from the photographer.

I hope this has helped give ya’ an idea of what groom’s details to have ready on your wedding day!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

M xoxo



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